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Time to Get Happy

Enough of those fashionably bitch-faced models strutting down the catwalk. The models in next month's L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival will actually be told to smile, for a change.

WITH facial expressions running the emotional gamut from unimpressed to downright moody, catwalk models appear to have an unpleasant job. That's because smiling on the runway is, well, frowned upon... Which will make the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival almost revolutionary when it kicks off next month: models will be told to look happy... - The Age

Smiling model at Paris fashion week
A model photographed smiling on the catwalk in Paris. | Photo: Patrick Kovarick

And why not? In the real world a stunning smile can literally stop people in their tracks, so personally I think that a genuine grin is the best accessory to compliment any outfit. Go on and give it a try.

Polyvore, Mi Amor!

I had almost forgotten about this site which I used to faithfully frequent some time ago. A grown up dress-up application for all, Polyvore was a gem I first discovered through Facebook. It is a limitless source of clothes and art. Pretty, pretty things all available for your perusal.

I have lost hours of myself going through the items I could play around with and which most people would agree, would be accessible only in our wildest, glamourous dreams ^_^

Get your inspirations from the biggest labels to the newest indie trends. Here's what I just came up with minutes ago to kick off our games ^_^


My favourite part of all, picking out clothes and throwing them around without having to clean my room up later ;)

Style Inspiration: Colourful Eyeshadow

A dear friend of mine mentioned that she always wore her eyeshadow smoky and eyeliner flicked at the tips. Which is not a bad look at all. She was just wondering how else she could spice up her eyeshadow repertoire. I suggested colourful eyeshadow. Hope these give you some ideas!

The key, it would seem, is to finish off with dramatic falsies or lashings of mascara. And yes, the flicked-out eyeliner is still a feature.

colourful eyeshadow inspiration
Asian Makeup [taaz.com] + Glamour IIIII [~Eviloution-Media] + Purple Eyeshadow [taaz.com] + Yellow / Fuschia Eyeshadow [nessasarymakeup] + Picture Tutorial [christiana divine] +
Get The Look [cosmogirl.com]

Dyeing to be different: Alternative style in the workplace?

So you're hiring for an accounting position and you have to choose between two candidates. One holds a degree, and from the interview you sense they could be management material - but they have hot pink hair, and an eyebrow stud. The other is "normal" but you can see that they really can't tell their earhole from their ar$ehole. Which would you pick? Would you rather pass over both candidates, even though one is clearly qualified for the job?

In an ideal world, a person will be hired and valued for their abilities and not for how they look. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world. The corporate jungle - where most of the money is made - is still off-limits for those of the alternative persuasion, not matter how capable they are of doing a particular job.

pink, purple, pierced

A US poll found that 36 per cent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 had a tattoo and although there are no figures for Australia, bosses here have taken note of a change.

In June 2006, one of the nation's biggest and most conservative employers, the Defence Force, lifted a rule that allowed it to bar anyone with a tattoo from joining up. - The Age

Let's face it... enlisting isn't for all of us. Many other workplaces still require people to cover up their tattoos. Personally I don't see a problem, unless the tattoos are of offensive subject material. That said, I guess "offensive" is open to interpretation as well -- but that's another discussion.

When I was in university I changed hair styles and colour a lot. Very often I got complimented on my various 'dos. No matter what my hair colour du jour was I was still a good student. Sadly, graduating from university also meant the end of the blissful period where my creativity and individuality was being encouraged. Instead, I was left to make my way in a world where conformity is king.

Why don't we continue to nurture our fellows throughout their lives? Is hair colour, or body art, not as valid a form of personal expression as coming to work wearing $500 designer shoes? Why is it OK for me to go from brunette to blonde, but not deep purple? It's a still topic not many employers are willing to consider.

Right now those with "alternative" leanings have to make do with "alternative" jobs. And while some are pretty cool (tattoo artist, hairstylist, rock star...) we can't all do that. Some of us need to consider "normal" jobs to support our lifestyles. But surely I can aspire to both being an accountant and having a neon green pixie crop?

People will tell me that "grown up life" isn't fun -- I already have to worry about rent or a mortgage, and utility bills, debt, and so on. So why does the rest of my life have to be monochrome? I guess I'm just waiting for all the boring to eventually dye out. ;)

Photoshoot: Wonderland


Via bechance.net

Wonderland tribute to Aya Kato
Magazine: Ae
Photographer: Paco Peregrín
Art Direction, Digital Art and Styling: Kattaca
Make up artist: Yurema Villa
Hairdresser: Natalia Mendez

Maternity Today

We live in a day and age where thankfully, getting pregnant doesn't mean you're any less beautiful, or glamorous, or fashionable. Once upon a time, getting pregnant meant you would have to hang up your heels and start with maternity wear - practical, but not quite stylish.

These days the range of options for pregnant women are wide and varied, from casualwear, to black tie events. Today's woman is embracing pregnancy without the cover of old maternity wear - today's fashions are all about enhancing the bump - they're pregnant and they're proud.

The idea that pregnancy does not mean a woman loses her sense of style, or is any less beautiful is heralded much more strongly, from the celebrities on the red carpet, to the women in power. Today is the age of MILFs and yummy mummies, and I for one, am thankful that I am a woman born in this era.


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